Desire for more.

More passion.

More enthusiasm

It all started with the idea of making the world a little bit richer. With functional sweets that are more than just another product on the shelf. That’s why we develop individual drop and gum solutions that perfectly refresh, courageously stimulate, ideally soothe and always bring added value to everyday life. What can we surprise you with?

Andreas und Kristoffer Roelli mit verschiedenen Produkten von Roelli Roelli


To be different. That’s what we’ve always wanted somehow. We were born with that in our cradle. Just like the weakness for confectionery. The result is a small, fine, internationally active general contractor that has always focused on something special.
We mean this in terms of our products and solutions as well as in our dealings with you. We value and cultivate personal exchange with all our business partners, are passionate about product development, uncompromising when it comes to quality, very swiss in everyday life and remain competitive even when it comes to prices. This is the basis on which enthusiasm can grow.


Chew yourself:


ISM Cologne, the world’s leading trade fair for confectionery and snacks, is a fixed point in our annual calendar. In 2019, we received an award for the innovative strength of our smart products.


Concentrated know-how, high reliability and fast service – that’s what makes the roelli roelli team.

Founder, General Management

Kristofer Roelli

+41 71 226 68 00

Founder, General Management

Andreas Roelli

+41 71 226 68 00

Project Management

Esther Gabathuler

+41 71 226 68 04

Product Management

Lisa Gabathuler

+41 71 226 68 09

Order Managment, Online Marketing

Salvatore Parente

+41 71 226 68 08

Purchasing Management

Yanic Signer

+41 71 226 68 05

Management Accounting

Barbara Roelli

+41 71 226 68 06

Backoffice Management

Regula Keller

+41 71 226 68 07

Sales office Germany

Lisa Schuller

Tel. +49 (0) 7578 92 13 12

Jan Biggel

Sales office Germany

Jan Biggel

Tel. +49 (0) 7578 92 13 12


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