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A product is always as good as the market accepts it to be. That is why we attach the greatest importance to asking the important, central questions right at the beginning of a development. They form the starting point of our Roelli Roelli 360° service strategy.

Everything from one source

All products go through a structured process with us that starts with the idea and ends with logistics. This process “from birth to the shop counter” is based on decades of experience and a deep understanding of brand products, retail trade and markets. This enables us to offer solutions that have the potential to become class leaders. Legal and quality check included.


Food law
Quality assurance


Trend scouting / product idea

In the beginning there is the idea. What are the trends of tomorrow? Where is there a gap? How can we further develop what is already going well? This is where the product idea comes from.

Recipe / Testings

Which ingredients fit the product idea? What is possible? What is legal? What tastes good? We develop and test until we find the right formulation.


Dosage form / Ingredients

Drop, toffee or gum? Nothing beats the right chewing experience. Once this choice has been made, the recipe is finalised and further testing is carried out.

Design / Packaging

Which look & feel will convince consumers? Which story should be told? It’s all down to the tailor-made packaging.


Production / Packaging

As soon as the product and design are right, it’s time for production. Here, too, there is only one criterion that counts: consistently best quality.

Packaging / Logistics

After the final quality checks, the market-ready products are reliably assembled and delivered with pinpoint accuracy – worldwide.



Additional services

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We love to develop products – based on your ideas and needs as much as on the greenfield. In addition to new developments and white label projects, we are reliable partners for imports and special services. Feel free to ask us. We will find a solution together. Packaging – it can also be 100% natural. The environment is close to our hearts. In everything we do, we consistently go for the most ecological, affordable option. That this is not just lip service is demonstrated by Truly Organic, where we offer packaging solutions that are compostable. More sustainability is hardly possible. Interested?